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Sport Slate

The app Sport Slate was designed to create a way for college/universities sport club teams to easily share club team information with their team members. Sport Slate would allow the team members to have a smooth process of managing information during the team season.


It would allow college club teams to sign up as an organization and share all team information all in one app. Each college club organization, will provide team members with a specific code they can enter to log into the app. Users will then see the game schedule, list of team members, game signup forms, individual heath form requirements, gear requirements to play and general updated information as needed. Sport Slate is here to eliminate the need to send endless emails and google application links each week to be able to keep the team up to date. 

The goal for Sport Slate is to help create team engagement and better communication for delivering information for their teams. As college students we receive information in various ways; emails, hyperlinks, and all sorts of google forms. With this app, it will help manage the information clearly for each club field hockey team. The app design will focus on being presented as approachable and friendly. The design will make members feel as they are a part of a community that have the same passion for sports.

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Adobe XD, Illustrator, Canva, and PowerPoint


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