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Band Cover

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

In creating this illustration design, I used the type of energy this band creates, from their instruments to the overall songs.  This band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy really stresses that their concerts and music are not just about the swing/jazz music, it is about the experience the music creates when the audience listens.  They use their instruments to create a unique art form with horn-infused music with their nonstop solos and continuous high-energy playing.  With my designs, I wanted to showcase how this is a band who can lighten up your mood and always make you smile with the energy they put into their music playing. 

Medium / 

Adobe AI, PS, Handdrawn


Year / 


With the progression of this band cover design, I created handwritten typography for the band name and freehand linework illustrations, to present a cover that made the audience feel the energy within each line. Showing how this is the type of music that is uplifting and can make us want to get up from our seats and feel the positivity through the songs.  

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