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claire-merkler-credit-control-AIMM-01 2.jpg
Capstone Project

Credit Control

Medium / 

Colored Paper, Adobe AI, and PS 


Year / 


Credit Control is a resource that can provide consumers with enough information about credit cards to make informed financial decisions without making them feel overwhelmed. It focuses on using a website, digital advertisements, brochures, and stickers. Credit Control will provide a platform where everyone can gain the knowledge to be successful in managing their credit cards.

In the development of this project, I created hand-crafted designs using construction paper rather than illustrative drawn shapes to convey a warm and friendly approach. Above are two photographs showing in-work progress with the construction paper. I used construction paper to create the background of the various assets of the project including the website, brochure, advertisements and stickers, as well as, to create the credit card designs. 

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