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Trent House

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Adobe ID,  AI,  PS and Acrobat 


Year / 


Working to support the William Trent House Museum by extending an existing visual identity and designing assets and templates for communications and community outreach. Solutions evoked the historical significance of Trent House as integral to the history of Trenton, its communities, and its constituents. In my design of the header, my inspiration was from connecting with the beautiful architecture inside the Trent House and I focused on bringing that aspect into my design. Inside the Trent House, the detailing of the stairs leading up to the top floor caught my eye and I used the architectural details as inspiration for the design.

Continuing to bring the architecture history into other aspects of the William Trent House visual identity, I worked along with other students to create the social media pots and stories. With my creation of the letterhead, it was clear that it could be expanded into other assets of the visual identity in a way that could create a system for the Willam Trent House Museum. 

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